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Dorothy Francis instilled the love of art in her two sons, Tim and Mark, at a very young age. Both sons have become accomplished artists in their own right and while each has their own distinctive style, you can still see their mother's influences in their work.


  Tim Francis: Tim has been involved with art from as early as he can remember. He completed the Applied Arts program in college before working in the newspaper industry as an Art and Advertising executive.
As well as being an accomplished painter, Tim’s drumming skills have kept him busy driving the beat behind various working rock/funk/blues bands over the years.

Now living in Kamloops, BC, Tim produces vivid landscapes of the area.
Adams Lake  
  Mark Francis: The youngest of the Francis family, Mark first worked as a Commercial Display Artist, painting Fantasy Art in his spare time. Later he took his talents to the Props side of the movie industry where he has been able to apply his creative skills on a regular basis. Several of Mark’s works have been published as limited edition prints, all of which have since sold out.

Living in North Vancouver, BC, Mark continues to paint while working in the movie business.
Tim Francis -